The Studio

Kate Roach Architecture and Design is a multi-disciplinary interior design, interior architecture and architecture practice with studios based in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Offering bespoke solutions across hospitality and residential projects, the practice creates timeless and thoughtful designs that convey a sense of place.  How a space feels is a vital driver. The quality of light, the palette of materials, considered detail and the design and selection of furniture pieces are approached holistically.  The starting point is to gain an understanding of a client’s needs and to identify the way a room or a sequence of spaces will be used. A process of continued questioning and refinement follows, ensuring a striking design outcome for each project.


Kate Roach

Throughout her career, Kate has been driven by a simple yet refined aesthetic. With extensive experience in interior design and architecture across a range of high-profile developments, Kate worked in London for more than eight years on major global projects in both disciplines as an Associate Partner with Foster and Partners.

With a particular taste for high-end hospitality design and deluxe private residences, Kate has designed and delivered award winning projects across North America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.